Guide to Used Parts Committee Notes

This standard is intended to promote commerce in used automotive parts and as a guide for interchange development. The Automotive Recycling Association’s goal is to create a unified description of used parts, thereby promoting all forms of commerce in automotive recycling. This standard is designed to be used across all electronic platforms and computer systems.
To reach this goal all parties selling, buying and installing used parts need the common language represented by this standard. Those developing products, services, interchange or evaluations containing used parts are encouraged to use the standard. The ARA has created this standard as an inclusive cooperative effort between everyone interested in used automotive parts, interchange standards and recycling


Version 3.1
February 16, 2000
Developed at the ARA Standard Guide to Used Parts


AREA Establishes Vehicle Recycling Network Across British Columbia

The Automotive Recyclers Environmental Association has established a Province-wide network of Certified Automotive Recyclers that will process End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs) to all Federal and Provincial Environmental Standards.  Go to to find out the closest Certified Automotive Recycler.

In addition, the Automotive Recyclers in the East Kootenays have agreed to help keep the Regional District’s transfer stations and landfills clear of unwanted vehicles.

The quick removal of unwanted vehicles is important as the public can be tempted to remove parts from the vehicles releasing hazardous materials into the environment and creating a contaminated site.  Photos 1 was taken in June 2011 at one of the transfer stations operated by the Regional District.  The mess was created by the public trying to remove parts from the unwanted vehicles.